Courier & Messenger

Secure pickup and delivery of your packages, mail, and parcels throughout our extensive service area. We offer numerous service options and can also create custom solutions for all your transportation needs.

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CS Logistics Distribution

Distribution & Parcel

Ideal for customers who have multiple deliveries ready at the same time each day. State of the art route optimization software provides impressive efficiency and ETA capabilities.

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Errands & Conveniences

Ideal for today’s busy professionals and families who just don’t have the time for everything on their list. Just give us the details and we’ll make it happen.

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Medical & Lab

Specialized training in the transportation of urgent medical materials/pharmaceuticals including blood, medical supplies, specimens, organ/tissue samples, and lab work.

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Scheduled & Routed

Customized solutions designed and tailored to the specific needs of each customer for scheduled and recurring deliveries. Advanced software solutions are used for route optimization and scheduling whenever you have advanced knowledge of a delivery.

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CS Logistics Freight

Trucking & Freight

Same day, overnight, and LTL (Less Than Truck Load) services for all your time-sensitive freight delivery needs. Our fleet of trucks can accommodate your freight whether it is simple or complex.

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CS Logistics Warehousing

Warehousing & Storage

Storage and fulfillment for either the long or short term. Bulk breaking, distribution, consolidation, and assembly services available. Warehouse management systems are in place for inventory control and to aide in the storage of your excess inventory, files, and parts for just-in-time delivery.

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Available Vehicles

  • Car & SUV

  • CS Logistics Delivery Van


  • CS Logisitics Delivery Truck


Courier Dispatch Management Software

State of the art courier software solution that manages, incorporates, and optimizes all phases of the business

Mobile Driver Management Tools

Signature Capture, GPS Tracking, Barcode Scanning, and Picture/Document Attachment all with real-time synchronization to courier software

Client Portal

Online access to Order Entry, Tracking, Billing, Document Management, and Reporting


EDI availability for the automation of systems workflow between our system and yours

Auto-Notification Emails

Stay on top of your orders with real-time, customizable email notifications available at each step from order submittal through delivery

Cutting-Edge Technology

We are always testing and implementing new technology solutions that put us steps ahead of our competitors and provide our customers the tools and data you require