Founded in 1998, CS Logistics, Inc. is locally owned and operated.  We began small, supported by an abundance of perseverance and an unfaltering dedication to customer service.  Our hard work, teamed with the strength of our valuable associates, paid off. 

Today CS Logistics, Inc. employs more than 150 associates serving as your Midwest Courier to Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Missouri with our main office located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Thanks to our continued growth of satisfied customers, an additional office in Madison, Wisconsin was opened in March of 2006.  

Not only do we provide scheduled and on-demand services, we have also grown to include warehousing, distribution, facilities management, next flight out, white glove air freight deliveries, pharmaceutical, medical specimen and sample distribution.  Please note that all of our drivers receive background checks and drug testing in addition to an extensive orientation and training program.  Drivers are also certified and screened by the TSA. 

Our commitment to our customers is to develop a solid foundation for mutually beneficial relationships by understanding the needs of our customers.  We will develop a comprehensive service package to meet your expedited delivery, warehousing and distribution needs.

By choosing CS Logistics, Inc. to service your delivery needs, we make it easy for you to focus on what you do best while we handle what we do best.  With a total of more than 100 years managerial experience, trust the continued success of your company by trusting CS Logistics, Inc. 

Meet The Office Staff:

 Dan Arroyo
Dispatch Tracking
 Kat Baldry
Warehouse / Sorter
 Bob Birkland
General Manager / Owner
 Ann Castillo
Dispatch Tracking
 Mike Fuss
Information Systems Manager
 Bryce Hass
Operations Supervisor
 Brian Jeske
Planning Supervisor
 Mike Kreinz
President / Owner
 Steve Kreinz
Vice President / Owner
 Mark Ledger
1st Shift Dispatch Supervisor
 Sandra Ledger
Warehouse / Sorter
 Kelly Luebeck
Customer Service / Distribution Support / Clerical
 Kevin Ohland
3rd Shift Dispatch Supervisor
 Mike Pranke
1st Shift Dispatch Supervisor Madison
 Mike Rafalski
2nd Shift Dispatch Supervisor
 Mark Schreiber
Account Solutions Manager
 Monica Schultz
Accounting Assistant
 David Spitler
Customer Service / Distribution Support / Clerical
 Eric Stewart
Operations Manager

Associations - Air Cargo,, CLDA, ECA, MMAC