Courier Services in Milwaukee

At CS Logistics, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to business.  We will design a custom program tailored to your specific needs.  We provide you with the type of vehicle you specify.  All our vehicles are operated by an experienced, responsible and professionally dressed driver.  At your request, your logo can be affixed to the vehicle.  This allows you to maintain a first class image in the marketplace.


 Small Package DeliveryWe utilize a fleet of small vehicles to get your package where it needs to go as quickly and efficiently as possible.
•  US Mail Pick-up and Delivery
•  Interoffice Mail & Distribution
•  Payroll Delivery
•  Documents and Supplies
•  Bank Proof Deposits & Statements
 Large Package & TruckingWe also have cargo vans, 15, 24, 26 foot straight trucks and 53 foot semi’s and flatbeds to handle your larger shipping needs.
•  Pallets/Skids
•  Tradeshow Delivery        
 Medical Delivery/RoutingWe specialize in transporting biological substances from Labs & Hospitals, including:
•  Blood/tissue/organs for transplant
•  Pharmaceuticals
•  Radioactive shipments for diagnostics & treatment
•  Recovering and tendering on commercial airlines
 Legal ServicesWe are a full service legal courier, including:
• Same day court filings in and out of town
• Legal research including copying case files
• Notary Public
• We are members of the  Wisconsin Association of Legal Administrators (WALA)
 Scheduled DeliveriesLet us handle your daily, weekly or monthly scheduled deliveries.  Set them up and forget about them as we handle the worries for you.
 Routes/RoutingWe will help you plan all of your logistics and scheduling needs to best optimize time, price and resources which enable you to save money and increase efficiency.
 Driver/Fleet RentalDecrease your overhead and let us be your delivery fleet.  Whether you need a driver and vehicle for just a few hours, or for an extended period of time, we will supply you with driver(s) and vehicle(s) for however long you need.

On-Demand/Same Day Deliveries:

Clients can also arrange for a morning pick-up on any advance date, for same day direct delivery or delivery before close of business day.  We have four flexible on demand/same day delivery solutions available to choose from in selected areas:

 All DayCall by 9:30am. Delivery by 4:00pm **
 Regular 3 ½ Hour Delivery *
 Priority120 Minute Delivery *
 ASAP60 Minute Delivery *

*  Additional drive time may be added for longer distances.
**  Orders are restricted to 15 miles or less.We can also handle distribution and routed needs.

Our clients contract to CS Logistics to make daily pick-ups at specific times with certain delivery deadlines.You can easily place your order by calling us direct, or placing your order on-line.  We have the most advanced dispatch software available to the industry.  Everything from on-line ordering, shipment tracking, and on-line accounting reports is all connected to our internal dispatch software.  Our dispatch center is extremely efficient and our clients benefit from our dispatchers consistent communication and professionalism.


Our most valuable assets at CS Logistics are our associates.  Our vision, “to provide our customers with reliable cost-effective delivery solutions,” can only be achieved with their skills, commitment and continuous improvement.  We employ over 150 professional, experienced and friendly drivers who will go the extra mile for you.Our human resources policies and initiatives are the foundation for a mutually rewarding relationship between associates and CS.  Low turnover and long-term relationships with CS speaks volumes regarding our associates’ job satisfaction.  All associates are required to operate according to CS's high standards and follow strict guidelines when carrying out assignments.  Human Resource initiatives at CS include:

• Hiring Qualifications
• Background Checks
• Selection Process and Criteria
• Orientation and Training
• Medical Samples & Supplies Training
• Mentor Program
• Ongoing Performance and Evaluation
• Continuing Education and Training

CS Logistics strictly adheres to our drivers maintaining a professional image by implementing the following:

• Drivers carry a current, company-issued identification badge and are bonded.
• Drivers wear the professional company uniform (CS Logistics top, dark khaki pants with comfortable/safe shoes and his or her associate badge).

• Reduction in payroll, taxes & insurance.
• Eliminate your personnel problems (turnover, illness, vacations, etc.).
• Eliminate all overtime costs.
• No EEOC complaints.
• Your day-to-day management headaches are virtually eliminated.
• More time for you and your team to concentrate on your "core" business.
• Eliminates all vehicle expenses.
• In the event of a breakdown or accident, CS responds quickly and provides a professional backup.
• No workers compensation claims.
• No more temporary personnel or vehicle rental bills
• Increased Profit


Our rates are competitive and based upon distance from address to address.  Please call us for a free quote or personalized appointment.

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